umbilical cord blood stem cells ready for public storage
Dr. John Akabutu, executive director of the alberta cord blood bank

    The Alberta Cord Blood Bank is a non-profit organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells for public use.  These cells are used for transplantation in individuals threatened by cancer, lethal congenital anemias and other disorders that can be treated with bone marrow transplantation.

     Although located in Alberta, the Bank is national in scope and collects donated waste umbilical cord blood samples from coast to coast in Canada. Edmonton is the home of its founder, Dr. John J. Akabutu, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Alberta. The Faculty of Medicine has achieved both national and international recognition in research and for the quality of its graduates.

     Canada's only public Cord Blood Bank was founded in 1996 with the help of donations from the town of Eckville, the Central Alberta Branch of the Canadian Legion, and a one-time donation from the provincial government. It was developed within the University of Alberta but has since matured and separated from the University.

     In 1999, the Bank was awarded a two year grant of 1.2 million dollars under the Western Economic Partnership Agreement (WEPA) from the government of Alberta and the government of Canada. This grant has been used for infrastructural development and to progress from a pilot phase of operation to international recognition. In the long term, the Bank will continue to need the financial support of private donors to survive and continue performing the important task of preserving cord blood. Thanks to all of our financial donors for their support of this worthwhile project both now and into the future.

logan: our very first donor of umbilical cord blood stem cells
Our very first Cord Blood Donor:

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